Ok, I’ve been playing Warhammer a bit this weekend and it’s really starting to piss me off in some areas that are just horribly designed.  I dunno where Mythic got some of these devs and their crappy ass ideas, most likely from EA, ‘cuz I don’t remember ever being this annoyed so often back in the days of DAoC.

List ‘o Peeves:

  1. Guild Wars like Maps, where you are forced to take particular paths that are extraordinarily long and convoluted, instead of a direct route, due to non-traversible terrain. Dwarf and Elf lands seem to be the biggest violators here.  Empire/Chaos isn’t nearly as bad. Mt. Bloodhorn and Chrace are probably the worst offenders (PvE areas).
  2. Quest areas that have so many mobs it’s impossible to do the quest without being severely “over-level” or else you’re forced to go begging for a “pick up Group” (PUG).
  3. Broken or valueless quests, Many times I’ve had to do a quest over again because the first time I didn’t get credit for it for some reason and had to return to the quest giver to get “re-supplied” so I could do it over again – oh so much fun…Yuck! Or, like the “secret” quest in Bloodhorn where you kill the named guy and get a key to his secret “treasure chest.” Which after you find it and open it up, you get a whopping 5 silver, big whoop… What a let-down. Bleh.

OH well, just had a vent a bit.  I’d been RvR’ing mostly for the passed week or so, and decided to get back into questing and leveling up that way for awhile and ran into all the annoyances that drove me to RvR most of the time in the first place.  And maybe that’s why PvE is so f’ing annoying?  To get people to ORvR more??  Dunno, but it’s really frustrating.  I think it’s time to re-activate EVE for awhile where I can fly where I want without being led around by the nose.

Hope your weekend is going awesome! Enjoy!