Wow, April’s done and gone!  This year just seems to be on hyperdrive for me!  I guess it’s the hectic work schedule that’s keeping me from noticing much else.  I was planning on blogging about a few other topics that I’ve had bouncing about my brain lately, but maybe I’ll try to get those things down over the weekend. 

Mainly I was hoping to share some thoughts about a book that I’ve been reading lately about the Tarot.  Also recent experiences with Joomla and the lack of decent books about maintaining and extending Joomla based websites.  I also was hoping to share the fun I had watching the first season of “The IT Crowd.”  Oh and maybe even my thoughts about “The Age of Spiritual Machines” and metaphysics.  Whew, a whole slew of seemingly random topics just waiting to get plastered all over my blog! LOL! 

Oh well, back to the task at hand, April’s stats. Things look pretty interesting in the top visited posts/pages arena:

  1. ScreenShots with 94 views – somebody MUST be linking here, but I’m not sure who…
  2. EVE Mission Running with 36 views, EVE is always a popular topic
  3. Enochian Tablets… Building Your Own with 30 views – this article is getting popular enough that I REALLYshould update the post with quick to download JPG images instead of the humongous PhotoShop PSD files.
  4. Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies with 27 views – surprises me that folks are still looking for this info, but the game really was kind of fun, too bad it just had a couple of seemingly minor, yet fatal flaws.
  5. EVE – How To with 23 views, as stated earlier, EVE is a popular topic.
  6. EVE Multibox Mining rounds out the double digits with 22 views.

With my recent posts about gardening, my search results have really changed a lot:

  1. Wormwood with 73 views
  2. Dwarf Lilac with 49 views
  3. Lemegeton with 27 views
  4. Hellgate Mini-Game with 11 views
  5. And a 3-way tie with 10 views shared between; EVE Online Maelstrom, Sedum, and Cosmos Flowers

In the overall stats, I really kicked last April’s butt!  With 804 views this year compared to a measly 278 last year.

As for this month’s activities, I’ve done a lot more than gaming this month.  With the change of season I’ve been doing some gardening, Spring Cleaning, and reading, along with a healthy dose of Warhammer Online.  I think I only logged into EVE once this month to start up some fairly major training queues that are over 60 days long, so I won’t really need to check in there again until late May.

In Warhammer, I mainly goofed around over on the Order side of the fence, getting my Bright Wizard and Engineer up to 20, and fiddling around with my Witch Hunter, who is now in his mid-teens.  I did check in on my Destruction characters and got my Squig Herder up to level 30, and also did some minor goofing around with my Disciple of Khain, Zealot, Black Orc, and Chosen.  I think I may have even logged a bit of time with my Magus!

In the “tech” arena, I did get a rudimentary “media PC” set-up which is currently hooked up to my HDTV and regularly plays music through my PHP/MySQL powered “jukebox” which has all of my 300+ CD’s in its catalog.  All while using G-Force Platinum’s “visulizer,”  it still amazes me with it’s totally cool screen art in time with the music – too cool for words!

Other acquisitions have included a lot more books, mainly to do with web design (Joomla), game design(Python), tarot/decks, Ancient Egypt, and gardening.  I also bought a few DVD’s that I’ve been meaning to get into my video library for quite some time; Absolutely Fabulous – The Entire Set, The IT Crowd – First Season, Longtime Companion, and Torchsong Trilogy.  And some plants for my planters, which I hope to blog about soon and include some pics of the results…

On the horizon are another Joomla Book and The IT Crowd – Second Season, but neither of them come out until June, which will be about the time I need to login to EVE to update my characters’ training queues, LOL!

Hope all is going superb with you and yours! Enjoy!