Things haven’t settled down much at work yet, and in my free time I’m pretty much diving into the Order side of Warhammer for the time being.  I’ll probably get my dwarf Engineer up to 20 this weekend and then I’ll start working on my Witch Hunter.  I still pop in on my Destruction server once in awhile to plink at Order with my Squiggy.

Not much going on in any of the other gaming arenas, or any other domestic endeavors for that matter. Just work, WAR, sleep… I did get a media PC semi-assembled – it’s just a basic duo-Core machine with 1TB of storage, a blue-tooth keyboard/mouse combo, and a DVD/RW.  I’ve got it hooked up through a DVI-to-HDMI cable to my HDTV – and it’s been awesome so far!  I especially like using my net-enabled jukebox in conjunction with the G-Force Platinum visualizer – mesmerizing! And worth every penny for all of the “that’s awesome” comments I get from house guests.

I’ve also updated my tarot collection with a few new decks, acquired a few more books on ancient Egypt, and also some Python and PERL programming books – so Amazon is still getting a significant portion of my paycheck.

That’s probably about all I’ve got to report now – I’m hoping to have two of my “in house” applications packaged for other folks to incorporate into their own web sites sometime this summer.  A tarot reader, and my jukebox.  They’re both very cool and I think other people would enjoy them as well.  They’re just not terribly friendly to get up and running at the moment – LOL!

Hope all is going great in your neck of the woods, Enjoy!