OY!  It has been totally crazy around my neck of the woods and I feel like I haven’t had any time for myself or to do things that I enjoy, like posting to the blog!  At least we were able to fill the open position at work in my dept. so hopefully things won’t be quite as fever pitch as they’ve been – but the new person won’t be starting for another couple of weeks.  So until then, things are probably going to keep up the frantic pace, after that, things should settle down to just an overloaded pace…

Enough whining, here’s how things shaped up for the month of March Madness!

Top Posts:

  1. ScreenShots with 114 (someone is linking here for my EVE ships or something…)
  2. EVE Mission Running with 48
  3. EVE Multibox Mining with 34
  4. Enochian Tablets… Building Your Own with 28
  5. EVE – How To with 21
  6. Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies with 14 (I’m including this in the “Top 5” since ScreenShots isn’t really so much a post as a destination)

There weren’t any stand-outs for odd search results this month, at least none that caught my attention.  Over all I’m doing MUCH more traffic than this time last year up from 287 hits last year to 622 for March of this year.  

Links that are followed the most often are to files. Mainly my Enochian Tables, or my EVE screenshots.

As for gaming in March.  I subscribed and unsubscribed from City of Heroes and Lord of the Rings Online (for the umpteenth time for both of them.) I did keep my EVE Subscriptions, but I haven’t really been doing much active playing in EVE, just keeping up on my training queues.  Mainly I’ve been actively playing in Warhammer Online.

WAR is definitely shaping up to be one of the best MMO offerings out there and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  Of course, as with any popular MMO, there are the naysayers and malcontents. They’re usually just griping ‘cuz they either don’t “get it,” or they’re still in bed with some other MMO. Oh well, it’s been a great experience for me – I’m always able to find active RvR, I almost never lag, the game never crashes for me, so I’m just not experiencing what most of the complainers are whining about – maybe I’m just lucky?

In other news, I’ve re-discovered Siouxsie and the Banshees and their videos over on YouTube.  I never really liked them much back “in-the-day,” but I have a new appreciation for the music now. It’s a weird combo of Punk-Pop that actually seems to work. I esp. like their song “Dazzle,” and the line “… Skating bullets on angel dust … ”  It doesn’t make any sense, but I just love that line! I envision some drugged up guy on angel dust fluidly shooting a pistol across a lake trying to skip the bullets like flat stones. 

I guess that about wraps it for March.  Hope all is going a bit more sane in your world today.  Enjoy!