Actually I’ve just been slacking on blog posts a little bit ‘cuz I’ve been so busy doing other stuff.  Over the weekend I did a lot of Warhammer gaming, again I’ve been concentrating on the Order side of the house and getting somewhat frustrated at the huge Destro over-population on that server (I think Badlands, but I can’t remember for sure, that might be where I play destro, lol!).  Anyways, RvR there is just an exercise in frustration, I think due in large part to two (very large) guilds that I enjoy playing with are on opposite sides of the realm on that server – Casualties of WAR (COW) is Order, and The Older Gamers (TOG) play destro there. Grrr. Both guilds are geared towards “mature” (as in over 25) gamers, although the average is probably closer to the upper 30’s or maybe even mid 40’s.  Oh well, things are a bit more balanced (and therefore “fun”) over on my destro (destruction) server, so I’ll probably be heading back there for this weeks gaming escapades.

In other gaming news, I’ve been keeping up my EVE training, but I really haven’t been doing much there except logging in to keep my characters on their training path. I unsubscribed to LOTRO and City of Heroes (I think I said that in an earlier blog, but I don’t remember, so bear with my senior moments).  So I think that about wraps up game-talk.

I did get a new graphics card over the weekend. An nVidia 9800GTX OC from BFG. But to be honest, I haven’t really noticed a huge performance gain over my “old” 7900GTX OC BFG card. Probably because I’ve only been playing MMO’s which have some pretty scaled back graphics in order to improve “lag” performance.  But that’s just conjecture on my part.

In other news, I’m quite jealous of a good friend of mine who is moving from Salt Lake City to Aliso Viejo, CA (just over the hill from Laguna Beach). I have some cherished childhood memories of Laguna Beach, as our family spent 3 or 4 summer vacations at a beach-house there (mid 1970’s). Although the last time I was there in the ’90’s (when I was living in Long Beach), it had sure grown A LOT.  It used to seem like such a rural drive from L.A. (Hwy-1/Pacific Coast Hwy) down to Laguna, and now it’s all suburbia.  Oh well, such is progress.

And, on a completely different note, the writers group I belong to met on Sunday, and I went and committed myself to providing a plot synopsis of my novel for review at next month’s meeting.  I’m supposed to have that submitted to the group’s website by the end of the week.  I was going to work on it last night, but I was dog-tired after work. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more inspired this evening.  I actually have a fair synopsis written already, but it was “for my eyes only,” LOL.  So it still needs some work before being submitted for review.  Hopefully y’all are keeping up with all of your projects and having some fun too! Enjoy!