Ok, so last year about this time I signed up for both Facebook and MySpace.  Oh, and I just remembered I think I’m on LinkedIn as well, but I’m not sure… Other than putting up whatever basic info they query you about when you’re first setting up your space, I don’t think I’ve ever really gone back.  I just don’t see the point.  I guess I’m either too old, too individualistic (read: I could really care less what other people think/do – esp. what they’re doing “right now”), or too PC/Web literate to care – I mean really, I own three domain names already – not counting this blog, so why should I bother with social networking? If people are looking for me, they know where to find me. And if they don’t, I probably don’t want them to find me anyways, LOL.

I mean honestly, I’ve been cruising the internet since before the World Wide Web was even around.  I’d bet a lot of today’s social networkers can’t even fathom an internet without the web, but that’s how it was for nearly two decades.  Social Network sites just seem like poorly implemented, and proprietary to boot, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels to me. Throw in annoying to configure and maintain and that makes their third strike and they’re outta here!  I’d much rather just deal with my blog, email, and IM software like GoogleTalk or Yahoo Messenger, than klunky, overly constrained,  “social” webpages. 

Maybe it’s just me or my non-groupie mind-set.  Even in MMO’s I usually solo my way through the game rather than go looking for social interaction.  If I want social interaction, I’ll go to a “MeetUp” group or just out to a bar or something where I can actually talk to folks “face-to-face.”  Dunno, guess I’ll just have to chalk that one up to “I just don’t get it.”