So I reread my post from yesterday and wow – someone musta’ really pee’d in my Wheaties or something, LOL!  Oh well, I’ve been doing some Open RvR in WAR and having a great time, so I guess I’m willing to overlook some of Mythic’s questing flaws.  Although I still get a little “angsty” when I think about those annoyances – esp. since they would be incredibly easy to fix. Oh well, I’ll just go RvR when the questing ticks me off I guess…

In other news, I got a bunch of bathroom linens from my Mom for my birthday, which was cool.  She got me those big, oversized, fluffy towels that I really like! Plus some spending money, so I went and had a fancy (for me) steak dinner and beer down at the PBC, and it was great! I love their “Petrified Porter,” it’s very tasty!  It was also nice just to take a walk around the square – I can’t wait for spring to get here when the vendors come back. I always enjoy browsing through their tents on the square. 

So all-in-all, it’s actually ended up being a pretty nice, lazy weekend for me. Hope y’all are having fun too!  Enjoy!