So I quite by accident caught the animated Dr. Strange movie on the Cartoon Network over the weekend. I had heard that this movie had been made and that the ratings were kind of “so-so.” And, as an avid Dr. Strange “fan,” I must say I was less than impressed. 

I guess “origin” stories are “ok,” but for Dr. Strange it’ s kind of “ho-hum.”  Rich, snobby, angsty Dr. get’s in an accident and can no longer work as a Dr. since his hands are all messed up. “Broken” Dr.    meets with guru and becomes a super-hero.  They really didn’t go into the origin of his psychic/magic abilities – they just suddenly appeared after some “Karate Kid” style “lessons” – it reminded me WAY too much of “wax on, wax off,” and “there is no spoon.”  Big let down.

And what’s with all this making swords out of thin air?  I don’t recall ever seeing Dr. Strange wielding a sword in the comics.  He was blasting stuff with magic or using his cape to magnificent effect (utterly lacking in the movie), or using his very powerful amulet.

Anyways, I think they really missed the boat on this flick, being animated should have left them virtually no boundaries – I was hoping for something a little more along the lines of the animated Spawn movies, which I found to be FAR better than the “live action” version.  Oh well, hope all is well in your world – Enjoy!