February was kind of a schizoid month for me.  It was extraordinarily busy at work and it didn’t seem like I had as much leisure time as I remember having in the past.  I didn’t feel like I achieved much of anything on any of my personal projects – just work, work, work.  Which I guess is an ok thing in this economy. 

I did get a few fun things moving forward though, if only a little.  In my writing, I started fleshing out character “back-story” for each of my major characters. Additionally, I did some work on the over-all, multi-novel, story arc. When complete, the whole series should take three to five novels to complete.

In gaming, again I wasn’t too active, but I did get a little bit of playtime in on EVE, WAR, and CoH.  And I got a little nostalgic for LotRO, but I didn’t re-subscribe.  LotRO is a gorgeous game, I just wish it were more enjoyable to me – but it ends up just being a grinding treadmill with a ton of content that I’ll never see as a solo player, so why bother?

In other news, I’m getting dangerously close to taking up my photography hobby again.  I’d really like to convert my film setup to digital, which basically means getting my hands on a Nikon D90 to replace my Nikon 8008. Which basically boils down to which new toy will I get this year:  new gaming rig, or a new camera… Hmmm.

Enough of that – on with the stats for February. The following posts got the most traffic over the last 30-days:

  1. ScreenShots with 84 – someone has linked to these or something this month, ‘cuz I haven’t updated these pics for awhile, and they’ve never, ever made it into my top-10, so something odd happened.
  2. EVE Mission Running with 65 – usually my #1 hit
  3. EVE Multibox Mining with 35 – a new post this month, seems any post about how to do anything in EVE gets considerable traffic
  4. Enochian Tablets… Building Your Own with 23 – I think this marks the first time one of my “occult” posts broke into the top-5.  I really need to update this post with jpegs instead of Photoshop PSD’s to make it a bit more user friendly
  5. EVE – How To with 21 – again, anything illustrating how to do things in EVE seems to be fairly popular

The more long-term stats show that traffic is steadily increasing, not by leaps and bounds, but I’m trending from 350 hits/day to 450/day.  And I’m significantly better than Feb. 2008’s 240/day (of course the blog was only 6-months old at that time).  All in all, not too bad for mid-way through my blog’s “Sophomore year,” where my expectations were basically Nil.

Search Terms:

  1. Lemegeton
  2. EVE Online
  3. LotRO and Hellgate round out the top 3

After that it’s just onesy-twosy stuff.  The strangest one this month was “modge podge book of mormon.”  I’m not sure why, but it just makes me laugh every time I see that 😛 

Looking forward into March, I don’t see a whole lot changing on the work front, so again I’ll be lucky to do much of anything fun with my leisure time.  I’ll probably spend most of my free time just trying to recover!  It is my “Birthday Month,” so I’ll at least try to think of something fun to do for that.  Plus Spring begins this month too, so hopefully things will start looking better for all of us!  Enjoy!