So there’s apparently a game of “tag” where when you’re “it” you’re supposed to post the sixth picture from your sixth folder of photo folders.  So I got curious as to what that would be in my collection.  My sixth folder was “2004June,” and the photo is:

Truck with Tusher Mtns. South-Central Utah

I used to live about a mile or two North of this spot, and I remember this trip ‘cuz on the way down from this ridge I got a flat tire and I didn’t have a spare!  YAY!  Oh well, at least it wasn’t too far to walk back into town, and I think I actually got a ride fairly quickly from someone else passing through – there was a “shortcut” through the mtn. pass here between two towns, so it had fairly regular traffic (a car every 15-20mins or so…)

In the same folder are pics from another of my favorite scenic drives through the area, over “Hell’s Backbone.”  Totally awesome scenery up there!

On the way up:

OTW2 Hell's Backbone

“Hell’s Backbone”

Hells Backbone UT

Anyways – If you’re ever in the area around Bryce Canyon or Capitol Reef, Utah, you should definitely make this trip as well – it’s Very Awesome! Enjoy!