The other day I was posting over on TAGN’s blog about how cool a particular mining implant was for mining foremen and fleet mining ops.  I hinted that when I’m mining multi-box that I use my foreman in a command ship (currently a Hurricane, working towards a Claymore), my miner is in a Hulk, and that I have a dedicated hauler (currently piloting a Mammoth).  Of course this brought all kinds of jeers from the peanut gallery that if you’re going to multi-box mine, you should be flying all Hulks.  Which if all you’re doing is self-indulgent ISK hoarding, an entire Hulk fleet probably is the best set up.  But if you want to bring something to a corporation, I’ve always thought diversification is a better bet, and a whole lot less boring.

So yeah, I’ve got three ‘toons that I fleet mine with, and only one is piloting a Hulk.  But I’m also  a whole lot less bored and a whole lot more secure playing this way.  I don’t have to worry about can flippers, and I can keep toting ore back to the station (which is never in the same system I’m mining in, since I never mine systems that have stations), and my miner happily fills jetcans in the interim.  Marko boosts the fleet and provide military support/deterrent. Oro lazily mines the ‘roids away, and Nab transports the ore back to base.  In a way I see it all as a nice balanced dance. I don’t really care that I could be losing out on a ton of ISK, that’s not why I’m playing the game.  Sure it’s one of the goals, but just one.  I’d rather enjoy myself and have different things to do than to be min/max’ing a single, boring activity.  But that’s just me…

Hope y’all are having a wonderful week!  Enjoy!