Just some peeves I’ve noticed around restrooms lately since the employee bathroom at work has been closed for remodelling. <rolls eyes>

You wash your hands AFTER doing your business – what is it with these people that walk into the RR, immediately wash their hands, and THEN proceed to the porcelain, and leave without washing their hands again – ARGH!  When your mommy told you to wash your hands when you go to the bathroom, I’m pretty sure she meant AFTER you were done using the facilities.

If your cell-phone rings – just ignore it!  ‘cuz if I hear you yakking on that damn phone in the restroom, you can be damn sure I’m going to try and make sure the person on the other end KNOWS your in a bathroom!  I mean really folks, get some tact!

And finally, the restroom is not a meeting room – I know Fonzie called it his office, but that’s ‘cuz he was “The Fonze.”  You have no such special privilege.  If you really feel the need to discuss the latest blah-dee-blah, please move it out of the restroom ‘cuz the rest of us don’t wanna hear it, we’re kinda busy.