It’s been a very busy and long week at work for me this passed week, as evidenced by the lack of blogging very much.  But I kind of knew it would be.  Bringing a new website “live” always shakes out any missed bugs or typos or whatever.  And no matter how many time you ask clients beforehand to look at things and make sure they’re working the way they expected, they never really seem to do so until the day the site actually goes live.  So in comes a landslide of requests, everything from simple tweaks or spelling variations to whole new feature sets.  But having done this many times before, I knew that this whole week would basically be sacrificed to web-tweeks.

However I did finds a few minutes of recreation gaming.  Mainly I’ve been messing around in City of Heroes with a few mining forays in EVE Online.  In CoH I’ve mainly been playing a new blaster hero named Mystic PhD modelled after Dr. Strange.  His main power pool is “Power” coupled with a psychic secondary – it’s all very Dr. Strange-like, and the animations for those power sets match the comic fairly well.

In EVE I made an easy 50 million ISK doing some quick mining ops – prices have shot up over the last couple weeks.  I’m thinking that a lot of folks that came back in the last “come back to EVE” offer have left again now that the offer has expired. All three of my characters are on long training cycles which will finish up over the Valentine/Presidents’ Day weekend. The result being: Marko to Propulsion Jam 5, and able to fly the TechII Broadsword; Nab will get Astrometrics 5, allowing him to use decent probes and basically advancing him down the covert ops training plan; and Oro will finish up Exhumers 5 to finish up his mining training plan, and then I think I’m going to send him down a new training path for manufacturing.

My other side projects have seen very little attention this week – even my reading had been negatively impacted.  Hopefully next week I won’t be quite so burnt out by the time I get home from work that I’ll actually feel like doing some reading along with some design and writing activities.

I’m really looking forward to the local bloggers’ meet tomorrow, since I missed the one from last month.  From reading some of their blogs, it sounds like a great group of folks to chum around with, hehe. And hopefully it will inspire my creative processes into a “jump start” of sorts.  Hopefully your weekend is going great! Enjoy!