January was an interesting month.  I feel like I really cut down on my gaming and upped my reading.  I did get some tangible work done on my game development “pet project.”  I did a fair amount of game shuffling , moving from primarily gaming in EVE to Wizard101, and then on to City of Heroes. Including a couple of forays into Warhammer, Oblivion, and FSX.  On the reading front I’m still reading Game Development through Lenses, and another book about Creating Your Life, or some such thing; it’s somewhat similar to the What Color is Your Parachute book, but focused on careers within the creative arts.  However I digress, since this is an “end of month” post, without further ado here are the stats:

Top Pages:

  1. EVE Mission Running with 55
  2. EVE – How To with 34
  3. Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies with 28
  4. ScreenShots with 24
  5. Making A Tarot Deck & EVE Missions – Multi-Box each with 16

So again EVE is the big winner this month with a surprising number of folks still looking up the HGL mini-game.

Search Engine Terms:

  1. Lemegeton
  2. Hellgate Minigame
  3. EVE
  4. Warhammer

With the strangest referral being “spit.when.i.blow” … … … I don’t even wanna know how that led to one of my pages, LOL!

Blog stats are holding mostly steady, with 356 hits this year compared to 334 in January of last year, yet keeping the same 11/per day average.

Guess that about wraps up the stats, hope your January was great and that February develops into something even better! Enjoy!