Well, ok I’m not really changing things too much, but I did renew my subscription to City of Heroes/Villains, at the invite from a friend who is still in the game. We’ll see how long that lasts. It was kind of fun to login and goof around with my robot minion master.  He’s one of my highest level characters at the ripe old “age” of 26. CoX isn’t terribly solo-friendly, so I usually only stay subscribed for a month or two before I exit in frustration… And therefore I don’t make much progress on the levelling treadmill.

I also (finally) got one of my two flat tires fixed and replaced, so I now have a drivable vehicle – Yay! I’ll probably be getting the 2nd tire fixed over the weekend, depending on funds availability.  One of the joys of being able to walk to everything is the luxury of waiting until it’s somewhat easy monetarily to fix your vehicle.

And today I should be getting my new copy of Sony Movie Studio – ya, I broke down and just ordered a new copy since I couldn’t find my damn key-codes for my old version. I’m still kind of miffed about that, but hopefully there will be some nice things added to the application since the prior version that I used before.

I’m also thinking of renewing my DAoC account for a month or two to get some in-game clips for a personal movie project I’m working on that requires some animal/human synthesis.  I can get some snake folk from CoX, but DAoC has mobs that are like Sobek, Sehkmet, and Set.  There may even be some other creature types that fit in with the Egyptian mythos – it’d be nice to find something like Horus, Anubis, and Hathor – but I may be able to get those clips from other games. 

Guild Wars does have some Avian mobs, and WoW of course has Taurens, but I can’t think of anything off-hand that has anything Anubis-like or dog-headed. Hmmm.  I could go to Oblivion for cat and reptilian races – but I still can’t think of anything with a dog headed race.  I may have to check into a Tale in the Desert, but I don’t think that game includes any of the mythological Egyptian races, which is really what I’m looking for, for this particular project.

Anyways, hope all is going well in your world this week – Enjoy!