At least it seemed lazy to me, even though it also seemed like I was always trying to get something done yet nothing really got accomplished.  It was fun at the time, but as the long weekend winds down I’m kinda miffed at myself for being so scatter brained all weekend.  The worst thing was that I couldn’t find my key-codes for Sony Studio 8, which I wanted to re-install on my system to make some more YouTube videos.  When I tried to start the program it said it was missing some dll’s and recommended re-installing.  So I did the re-install and when it asked for the key-codes I was like, I hope they weren’t on the box ‘cuz I threw that out.  I did find my “quick start” books, but the key codes weren’t in those, so I tore through stacks of crap and went through filing cabinets and anywhere and everywhere I can think of that I might have stowed something with key-codes on it to no avail.  So now I’m contemplating just buying the updated version 9. Ugh. Just what I need, another unexpected expense! Grrr.

The only thing I did consistently – well semi-consistently – was play Wizard101.  I started a new toon as a Myth/Ice Wizard and took her all the way to level 13 or so, higher than any of my other characters, and most of that was in one sitting Saturday.  That’s basically all day and part of the evening most likely. I’m really enjoying this build, not nearly as many fizzles as my Fire/Storm build, and pretty damaging.  And it’s the closest thing to a “pet class” (my favorite) that Wiz101 has. I still haven’t tried to summon multiple minions, but I don’t think it will work.  I DID try multiple of the same minion, and that definitely does not work, but I wanted to try two different minions, but I’m suspicious it still won’t work.  I’m betting the newly summoned one will just replace the old one.  I’ll have to give it a try to be sure though.

One thing I’ve grown to hate in Wiz101 is saboteurs. Peeps that join in on your fight and then do nothing – so you have to kill everything, or peeps that join the fight long enough for the extra aggro to walk in, and then they flee, again leaving you to kill all everything by yourself. ARGH!  I really wanna slap those guys! HARD!

I did get some training completed in EVE.  I’m trying to get Marko into a “Broadsword” ship and I finished Weapons Upgrades 5 and am now working on a 5-day train for Command 5.  I’ll only need Propulsion Jamming 5 and Heavy Interdictor 1 to complete the requirements. So by the end of January I should be able to pilot a Broadsword. 

In other news, today (Yay, UPS delivers on MLK day!) I got a book that I’m hoping will inspire me to work more diligently on my Ancient Egyptian game design. Actually I received a book and a deck of related “inspiration cards.”  It was kind of expensive, but I’m three chapters in, and it did inspire me to drag out my design document and start some editing and updating, so hopefully it will keep building momentum.  I got:

I’m probably going to start a whole new document that will describe my game design in terms of the various lenses, and then integrate that within my design document. This has been a very long term, casual project.  My earliest notes date back to January of 2005, and I’ve been developing and writing about it off and on since then, although my last really active contributions were from a year ago, in Jan and Feb of 2008.  Over the last couple of months I’ve been researching possible music to include and I’ve been listening to A LOT of belly dancing music, which really seems to convey the Egyptian Theme pretty well. I’ve also been watching a few DVD’s for inspiration, like The Mummy series, The Ten Commandments, Stargate, and the Indiana Jones series.  Hopefully all of this activity will inspire me to get some more work done on this project.

Hope all is going well in your world! Enjoy!