Ok, so in keeping with my “Lemegeton” theme – I thought I’d post at least one thing this month that pertains to the occult.  Enochian tablets, or tables, are interesting, complicated, and of course magical. They’re the “original” Ouija board.  Well… Maybe not quite “original,” since “talking boards” have been around for a very long time. But the Enochian version are what “real magi” use to talk to angels/demons/daemons what-have-you.

The tables themselves were created through the dynamic-duo of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly. (Two-man divinitory ensembles were quite the rage back in the 1500’s well into the 20thcentury – even Joseph Smith used “seer-stones” and a transcriber to dictate the Book of Mormon in much the same manner that Dee and Kelly came up with their “talk to the angels” tablets; where Kelly, using seer-stones dictated what the angels told him while Dee transcribed the whole goings on – hmmm…)

Anyway, I’ve got several books on the subject, but I’ve yet to construct my own tables.  Yes, construct.  I probably would have simply bought myself a set, but they’re just not available through retail – at least not at a price I can afford.  So I’m going to build them myself and this is my story about how to build your own Enochian Tablets. 

The Tools: 

  1. Photoshop [if you’re good with Illustrator, it might be even better]
  2. Color printer
  3. Blank Game Board(s)
  4. Crystal Clear Krylon or other sealant so the mod-podge doesn’t smear your printout
  5. Thinned glue or Mod-Podge to secure printed tables to gameboard

First create and print the tables using Photoshop and a color printer, then seal each printed table with the clear fixative spray (like Krylon Crystal Clear).  Then trim the tables to fit the blank game board and adhere with glue/Mod-Podge.   Almost instant Enochian Tables!  By making them in this way, you can customize them as much as you want, either in Photoshop, choosing fancy paper to print on, or custom decor on the game board – it lets you totally create tables that are uniquely your own.  Esp. since there are already many different versions out there to be inspired by – this way you can make a set of tablets with the colors and letters that you’re most familiar with or comfortable using.

Here are my working copies – I’m still working on this project, so they’re not final designs yet.  I used the “truncated pyramid” design that’s eluded to by Crowley and other Golden Dawn implementations.  Here are my Photoshop (.psd) files (WARNING: They’re HUGE files since they’re still PhotoShop .psd’s)  – I still haven’t done the lettering.  Hope you find this helpful, and as always, Enjoy!

[EDIT May 3, 2009: Here are the GIF versions of the above PSD files – I apologise for taking SOOO Long to get this done]

  • Single “truncated pyramid”
  • Blank 12 x 13 table
  • Air Tablet
  • Fire Tablet
  • Water Tablet
  • Earth Tablet
  • “Spirit” Tablet (aka “Table of Union”)
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