My gaming has slowed down considerably this week because I’ve been dealing with a bunch of other things with work and household.  I finally got the gas turned back on yesterday – he just about didn’t do it because one of the pipes added to the water heater was an inch too long!  But I think he saw the murder in my eyes from not having hot water nor a furnace for a week – so he turned on the gas and “recommended” I get the landlord to come back in and trim the pipe – it’s just a release valve pipe, so it doesn’t actually carry any water or gas unless the water heater overloads.  After he left, and everything was up and running, I went through my toolbox and grabbed my portable “thumb-screw” pipe cutter and cut it myself…  I wished I would have remembered I had that before he left, oh well.

In EVE, things are progressing slowly but surely.  I’m still only  up to Qual. 0.0 Lvl-1 missions.  I’ve only been able to complete one or two missions a night with all this other stuff going on.  I’m almost ready to head back to my mining outpost. But I’ve got Oro up-skilled to fly Amarr battleships – he already had the skills to fly Caldari battleships. And I’ve got Nab trained to fly Caldari Battleships, and Marko’s been in a Maelstrom forever it seems – so I’d really like to get qualified for Lvl-II’s and eventually III’s & IV’s in Amarr space (I’m already factionally-qualified for Lvl-III’s in Minmatar space – but that’s 25+ jumps from my mining outpost). 

For multiboxing, the only battleship I know that I’ll surely be using is Nab in his EWAR Scorpion.  I’m hoping to use the same, Bait/Tank, EWAR/Jammer, Long Range Plinker strategy once I get to Level II missions, but we’ll see.  I may just use battle cruisers for the II’s instead of the battle ships, just because BS’s are such a pain to maneuver.

In Wizard101, I’ve been levelling up my fire/storm wiz – and I got him to level 10 last night. So he and my death mage are the same level now.  I’ve also got a low level Myth(?) wiz that I may try to get up to level 10 before I move on.  The fire/storm mage was kind of frustrating last night because of all the “fizzles.”  Those spell lines do have a higher “built in” fizzle rate due to their high damage output, but it’s still kind of frustrating.  All in all, I think I’m enjoying my Death mage the best.

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming long weekend, but I’ll probably spend most of the time catching up on chores instead of gaming. Plus I need to replace the tires on my truck, that’s always fun – NOT.  Hope your week is going well, and Enjoy!