My EVE mission strategy for multiboxing seems to be working.  Here’s how I’ve got my ships configured for Level 1’s (currently I don’t have good enough standing in Amarr to do anything but Lvl 1’s):

Bait/Tank – DuraMaller aka “The Jimmy Durante”:

Highs: (5) 280mm Gallium I Cannon, (1) E50 Prototype Energy Vampire

Mids: (1) 10min Afterburner I, (1) Cap Recharger II, (1) Sensor Booster I

Lows: (2) Power Diagnostic System I, (1) Gyrostabalizer I, (1) Microcell Nanite Adaptive Membrane I, (1) 1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I, (1) Refuge Adaptive Nano Plating [OR: (1) Medium Armor Repairer I if needed]

It’s a very easy fit, so I may play around with it a bit more.  Currently it uses 269.5/350.0 CPU, and 939.0/1240.3 PG.  I’ve never come close to having to use my armor rep, so I think I may throw in another armor enhancement or another gyro – we’ll see.  …  Ok, I’ve taken this out for a few more missions and I’m not really liking the 280’s, I think I’m going to step down to the 250’s and I’m def. going to go for some other armor enhancement instead of the repper – I still haven’t used it once, and there’s always the BB with its remote rep, so I think I’m covered if I ever do need some kind of armor repair. While I was sitting here, I went ahead a got a Refuge Adaptive Nano Plating to take the place of the Armor Repairer.  I’ll let ya’ know how it goes…

EWAR Jammer – Blackbird aka “Squiddie”:

Highs: (3) Malkuth Heavy Missile Lancher I loaded with Widowmaker Heavy Missiles, (1) Medium Remote Armor Repair System I

Mids: (3) Hypnos Multispectral ECM I, (1) Cap Recharger II, (1) Prototype I Sensor Booster loaded with Scan Resolution script, (1) Prototype I Sensor Booster loaded with Targeting Range script

Lows: (2) Type-D Power Core Modification Capacitor Power Relays

This ship actually seems to take out most of the aggro. I may switch out the multi-specs since I know I’m going to be going up against Sanshas or Blood Raiders in the regions I fly in most. And it does seem that once rats have targeted the “bait” ship, they keep trying to re-target that ship even after I break their locks with this ship.

Plinker – Hound: (if you can’t fly a hound, any long-range missile/gun boat should work)

Highs: (3) Limos Cruise Launcher I loaded with Cataclysm Cruise Missiles, (1) Salvager 1, (1) Small Tractor Beam I [NOTE: normally I’d have another Limos and a Cloak up here, but they aren’t really needed for running missions…]

Mids: (1) Target Painter I, (1) Sensor Booster I with Scan Resolution script, (1) Sensor Booster I with Targeting Range script

Lows: (1) Ballistic Control System I (soon to be Type-II if it’ll fit), (1) Co-Processor I, (1) Micro Auxiliary Power Core I

This ship pretty much one-shot’s anything in a LVL-1 mission.

Basic Tactics:

The Maller enters the mission first and orbits some stationery object at 15km or so. Engages the sensor booster and afterburner and starts shooting stuff.  After all rats have aggro’d the Maller, the Blackbird comes in and orbits the same object at around 25-30km, engages both sensor boosters and starts jamming and shooting targets. Last one in is the Hound, which orbits the same object at around 50km, engages sensor boosters and starts painting and shooting anything still standing.  Once everything is dead, the hound becomes the mission salvager and off-loads junk to the other ships if its cargohold is full. 

I’ve never had to use the armor reps yet, but I’m pretty sure between the onboard rep on the Maller, and the remote rep on the BB, I should be fine.  I’ll be very interested to see how this works in Level-2’s and higher, but I think I can fly battleships/battlecruisers in those, so I’ll be in a different fleet – prolly a Prophecy, Scorpion, and a Hurricane or Maelstrom. If you hadn’t noticed,  I tend to fly Amarr (tank), Caldari (jam), & Minmatar (plink).