So, I live in an apartment and you’d think that living in an apt. you don’t have to deal with maintenance issues. I was having some problems with my water heater and so they came out to work on it today.  While doing that they had to call the gas company to get the gas turned off while they were working.  So, no biggie.  They get all done and the gas guys come in to re-light the pilot lights and they’re like, “Dude, this furnace isn’t up to code.  We’re not turning on your gas until this gets fixed…”  And I was like… “uh, it’s the middle of winter and it gets fucking cold at night and you’re not going to turn on my furnace?” And they were like, we’re not even going to turn on your gas – so not even any hot water – oh YAY! 

Even if the landlord got everything done today, they won’t come back to turn on the gas until Monday at the earliest! I’m so fuckin’ happy I could just heat the apt. with my temper! OY!   So, now I gotta go get some space heaters or have the landlord get me some, or something.  I know I was just begging for one more thing to add a little more spice to my life – UGH!  And cold showers just don’t sound fun at all!

[Update] The landlord was able to get everything “up-to-code,” but the gas co. can’t come to turn on the Gas until Tues, so it has been a full week with one space heater and heating water on the stove for bathing – wee!  Thank god I have some BIG cook-pots and the stove was electric!!! I can’t wait for Wed. morning when I can take my first hot shower in a week!