I talked a little about the “bait-rabbit-sniper” tactic in my last post. My original inspiration for this tactic I got from this EVE Post (scroll down to the heading “How To Beat Any Mission With Ease”).  But I think I’m going to try things a little differently.  I think I’m going to use a Tank-EWAR-Sniper tactic.

My plan is: I will use a “DuraMaller” as my bait/tank, which will enter the mission and try to pull as much aggro as possible.  Then I will throw in my EWAR and Sniper boats.  What I need to test is when the EWAR boat breaks the locks off of the Tank, will the aggro switch to the EWAR boat?  I don’t think it will, but I’m not sure if EVE’s AI is that dumb.  I’m hoping that the between remote repping from my EWAR boat along with breaking lock-ons should keep my Tank ship viable indefinitely while the sniper takes out targets at its leisure.  The other thing I need to look up is how to “assist” fleet members – i.e. would it be possible for my EWAR and Sniper boat to auto-target the rats that have locked onto the tank?

I’m hoping to test this out through the weekend to see how it goes.  I’m still stuck doing low quality Level 1 missions in Amarr space (where my mining base of operations is), since I don’t want to migrate 25 jumps to my high quality Level 3’s in Minmatar space (where I used to hang with my now defunct corp). So I’ll be able to play around a bit with some disposable frigs and cruisers.  Hopefully I’ll find a multi-box synergy for missions.

Anyways, I’ll post results of this experiment after the weekend.  And if I find a particularly good tactic and ship build combo, I’ll post that as well. Enjoy!

Results Post