So I finally got CoD4 installed last weekend and played it through.  I did enjoy it somewhat, but it seemed a bit short.  I was done with it in just a few nights play-time. I was hoping it would last at least a week or so, but oh well.  I think I’m going to hook myself up with the latest Fallout and Far Cry so I’ll have something new to fidget around with over the TG Holiday – although I’ll probably be pretty busy visiting family and stuff too 😀

In other news, I’ve been working on my shorter “How To” videos showing how to make a tarot deck using Photoshop and photo-grade printer paper.  It looks like it’s going to be a “trilogy,” though certainly not on the scale of Lord of The Rings…  The first part will mainly be an introduction to what things you you need to take into consideration before jumping into the project, and all of the hardware you’ll need or may want to have on hand as well. The second part will deal with the technical aspects of getting things set-up and created within Photoshop.  The third part is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak, and we actually construct our “hard-copy” cards.  I’m really hoping to have all three completed by the end of the weekend – although I still need a couple supplies from the art-store, so we’ll see…

AND, I’m also reading a great book right now – actually a couple really good books.  I’m hoping to have both of them read by the end of the weekend as well:

I’m a few chapters into both, and they’re both very good. And along similar lines – I did get my “receipt” from the certified letter that I sent to the LDS church to renounce my membership, so I *KNOW* they got the request this time.  Hopefully I’ll receive confirmation that the process is complete sometime in the next week or so.