Here it is November 3rd, so I guess I’d better get my butt in gear and do my October in review 😀

First – the stats.  My top-5 Posts were:

  1. EVE – How To with 64 views
  2. EVE Mission Running with 47 views
  3. A tie between Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies & The Maelstrom of Mining with 26 views
  4. Warhammer – Amazon Woes! with 10 views (peeps still miffed at this???)
  5. Warhammer Peeves

As for gaming, Spore and Warhammer have been taking up most of my time.  I have Call of Duty 4 and I haven’t even opened it yet!  LOL.  I’m still having a blast in WAR – there seem to be a lot of nay-sayers out there, but I’m just not understanding their frustration and I can’t wait until the new classes arrive sometime later this month, or in December (I can’t remember when they’re supposed to show up…)  The only bad thing there is that I’ve already used up all of my character spaces, so I’ll have to delete someone to make a Black Guard – which is the class I’d been hoping to play ever since they announced WAR, and I was sorely disappointed when they had announced that the BG wasn’t going to be available at release.

Spore was fun until I hit the Space part of the game, then I kinda lost interest – which I guess is too bad since I think the Space faring piece is supposed to be the “main-part” of the game. Oh well… 

I also checked back in on MTG:Online.  Dunno if I’ll ever get into the online version, but it did inspire me to get my “real” MTG collection out of the closet and get it back in order – during one of my recent moves the main portion of my collection got dumped out onto the floor and I’ve never gotten around to putting back together.  So that’s got my MTG juices going a bit.  I think I’ll see if there’s a MTG “Meet-Up” anywhere around here or maybe I’ll have to organize one, hmmm…

Future plans include Fallout3, FarCry2, and getting a LINUX box up and running somewhere in my living quarters 😛  But I’m also going to be travelling a bit, with it getting to be the “Holiday Season,” I’m sure I’ll be making a trip up to Utah for Thanksgiving, and planning another for X-Mas time.  So it’s going to be pretty hectic for the next couple of months!  Hope y’all are having a great time!  –Enjoy!