So I’m attending a Red-Hat Linux class down in Phoenix this week and it’s been great – except for the accommodations.  I’m staying at the Sheraton Downtown (reservations were made by my boss – I would’ve stayed elsewhere – like the Hilton right across the street from the course location).  The drive down to Phoenix sucked ass – there had been an accident about forty miles out from Phoenix, so the traffic was bumper-to-bumper/stop-and-go for several miles down the Black Canyon freeway.  When I finally got to Phoenix and arrived at the Sheraton only to find they weren’t letting people “self-park,” you were FORCED to use their “Valet ‘service’ (used very sarcastically)” at $25 per day (over a five-day stay), needless to say I was NOT amused, and I think they could tell as they “offered” to provide their valet “service” at the self-park price (which was still $16 night – talk about bending you over, jeez).Then I tried to check-into the Sheraton, they wouldn’t let me since the reservation had been made by my boss and I’d have to wait for him to show up to get us checked in (he hadn’t even left Prescott – I called him to see what was up…) . Yay! I’m so happy now I can just shit!  SO I was, like, well can I just hang out here in the lobby and cruise the web on my laptop?  Yes…. For a fee (can you fucking believe it?  another fucking $14/day just to cruise the web – as a guest of the hotel, it’s more if you’re not a guest!)  I was like, fuck this – and went to a local bar to unwind.

Anyways, I’ll NEVER ever stay at a Sheraton again, and if you’re travelling I’d highly suggest you stay somewhere else as well.  I’ve stayed at Best Western’s with similar room style and much cheaper per night stay, free parking, free Wi-Fi, and will let you check in, imagine that! 

And besides all that crap, my laptop won’t play Warhammer anymore.  I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I think it’s the crappy support from HP on graphics drivers (it’s got an nVidea GeForce Go 7600 card still back on old drivers ‘cuz HP makes it such a pain in the ass to update the drivers and nVidia refuses to install just saying to get drivers from your laptop manufacturer.  Grrr.  WAR will play for awhile then the screen just goes black and then a crappy crash to desktop and the laptop stuck in low-res mode. blech. 

At least the Linux class has been cool and I’m learning a lot – otherwise the week has been pretty craptastic.  Hope y’all are having a better time of it!