I think that’s the longest time I’ve gone without posting since starting this blog last year!  So that should tell you something… WAR is really good 😀  I’ve been too busy playing Warhammer among other things to take the time to blog about stuff. 

I have been ultra busy as well, but even when I was moving from one state to another last April I was blogging more than once a week! LOL.  I did crash way early last night though.  The work schedule has really been burning  me down and I was in bed by 8PM – I don’t think I’ve ever gone to bad that early since being sent to my room by my parents – hehe.

Anyways – it really doesn’t look like my work schedule is going to let up anytime soon, and I seem to keep getting myself into more “at home” related projects as well (just trying to keep up with the normal chores can be trying – ugh) and Warhammer has been a great (evil?) distraction as well, so I’m not sure how long all of this put together will keep negatively impacting my blogging – only time will tell.  I do have several posts now “waiting in the wings.” So if I ever find the time and inclination to get them polished up, I’ll have some good stuff posted.  Until then I guess y’all will just have to suffer my random ranting about my lack of time to do anything bloggeriffic!