At least long enough to  write up a little of what I’ve been doing.  Warhammer, of course, and a bit of Spore on the side. Plus work has been incredibly busy the last few weeks, including working weekends more often than not, ugh!  Oh well, it looks like things -might- be settling down a bit in November, but the rest of October is booked solid – including most weekends. Unfortunately as a “salaried” employee, I don’t get any overtime for all the extra work, maybe I’ll get an “atta boy” from somebody – we’ll see, 😛

Anyways, my Warhammer progress has been kind of slow compared to most of the other guildies – I’m only in my teens and most of the folks I started with are in their early twenties now doing tier 3 content (chapter 11+ where I’m still doing chapter 7-8). I’m pretty much a casual gamer though, and I’m an alt-o-holic as well, so I’ve already filled up all of my character slots – and many of them are level 10 or higher.  I’ve decided most of the healer classes are basically “cheater classes,” in that they can pretty much take on anything their level without worrying about anything, including champions and some heroes – one primary healer plus one of anything else can easily take down an even-con hero. At least up to level 20 or so, dunno about the tier-3 stuff yet, but I should start exploring that content sometime this coming weekend.

In Spore, I’ve got 3 games up to space level, where the game changes dynamics completely. Not sure if I like that too much and I couldn’t figure it out intuitively – I had to go to the web to figure out what the hell I was supposed to be doing, or at least get a few viable strategies for making the game playable in that scenario.  Now that I think I “get it,” I’ll have to give it another go sometime this week in all that copious spare time I have, LOL!

Hope your days are being fun and I’ll try to be a bit more prolific, but I’m not making any promises! Enjoy!