Where does the time go!  Lately for me it’s almost all of my free time has been going to Warhammer Online.  I’m really enjoying the game and it looks like I will be in there for quite awhile.  I also just got Spore last weekend but hadn’t had time to play it until the other day.  It looks like that will be a fun one too for a few more run-throughs.  I’ve got a couple races up to space-faring, but I’m not getting the hang of that as quickly as the full-out smack down that you can easily play in the first three parts of the game (cellular, tribal, and civilization).

Anyways, since it’s (close to) the first of the month, I guess I’ll do my monthly wrap up of my top posts – And since Sept. was my 1-year Anniversary I might even get a little carried away with some other (not so) interesting facts…

For September, my top 5 were:

  1. Warhammer – Amazon Woes! with 129 views
  2. EVE – How To with 120 views
  3. EVE Mission Running with 37 views
  4. Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies with 34 views
  5. Amazon Warhammer Redemption! with 21 views

So apparently I wasn’t the only one having problems with Amazon with my Warhammer pre-order, but at least for me they were able to step up to the plate and deliver my codes via e-mail after they broke their “Online Media” links during some kind of “upgrade.” I was kind of surprised to find two of my EVE Online posts in 2nd and 3rd place, relegating my Hellgate post which has been the number one post for the past 10 months or so to 4th place.  Which will become apparent in my top 5 posts over the past year:

  1. Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies with 2,594 Views
  2. Hellgate: Afterthoughts… with 298 views
  3. EVE – How To with 252 views
  4. Warhammer – Amazon Woes! with 134 views
  5. EVE Mission Running & Hellgate London vs. Guild Wars tied at 125 views

Main query topics for September were: Warhammer, Hellgate, Lemegeton, Tileproxy, and EVE Online.  Over the course of the passed year it’s pretty much the same topics, just in a different order: Hellgate, Lemegeton, Tileproxy, Warhammer, and EVE.

I think that about covers it for the monthly wrap-up.  If I can pull myself away from Warhammer and/or Spore long enough over the weekend, I may get another topic or two posted.  I’ve had a couple sitting on the back burner for awhile, and I’ve also got some things to comment on about WAR and Spore as well – We’ll see how it goes.  In the mean time have a great weekend! Enjoy!