I’ve got to hand it to Amazon this time.  I sent an email outlining my problems and lo’ and behold they sent me an email with my key-codes.  So I Will be getting into the open beta after all – and I thought I was going to be pouting all weekend.  Not only that, but since I was in the Preview Weekend a couple weeks ago, I’ll be getting into the Open Beta a couple days early! WOOT!

Not much else to report on, just glad that those problems finally got resolved in a good way and that I can start buying stuff from Amazon again – which is good ‘cuz I had a couple hundred bucks worth of stuff piled up in a cart that I refused to finalize until this all got cleared up in a satisfactory manner.  So now I can get all my egypt books and mp3 downloads, and other crap I’d been lusting over. 

Hope I get to see some of y’all out in WAR! Have a great weekend!

[Edit: Sept 5]

Well I was able to login to Warhammer this morning and create some characters before leaving the house for work.  It’s gonna be damn hard to go back to work after lunch! LOL!