So I’ve talked a friend into buying the Warhammer Pre-Order so he can get into the open beta and mess around with the rest of us – just one problem.  He seems to be jinxed on getting his copy.  First we tried Direct-to-Drive, and for some reason it refused to work.  So I was like, “Let’s just buy through Amazon, it always works for me over there…” Famous last words!

He’s never bought anything from Amazon and so I’m thinking, he’s gonna love this ‘cuz I usually love Amazon – it’s almost too easy.  So he goes in, does the little search for Warhammer, adds it to the cart and then goes to check-out as a new customer.  So then it asks all of your pertinent information (name, addy, payment, shiping, etc. etc.) and then hit the check-out button again.  BONK, back to a login screen – eh?  So I’m like, let’s make sure everything is in there… We check his account settings, everything looks correct – so I suggest the typical IT resolution – let’s re-boot.

After reboot, we go to Amazon, double check account info, everything looks good.  Go to the cart and start the check out process – BONK, back to the login screen – WEEEE!  After a bit of Google’ing we find out that Amazon is having some kind of odd issues with new customers who can’t seem to buy anything ‘cuz they keep getting knocked back to the login screen.  Memo to Amazon, if you want new customers to buy your stuff, you should let them.

Totally frustrated, we note that Wal-Mart is one of the partners and there’s a store close to my bud (who’s out in the boonies).  So we think, let’s just order it from there, get the keys, and when the game ships he’ll be able to go to town and pick up the box. So he orders it there and everything works great.  Then we start looking for an email or something with beta codes.  Hmmm, nothing.  Then do a quick google on Wal-Mart and Warhammer – Oh FUCK! they won’t hand out their codes until a WEEK AFTER the game has already released?!?!?  Lotta fuckin’ good that’s going to do! Um memo to Wal-Tard and Mythic, if you’re partnering w/ someone to do pre-orders and there are documented benefits to pre-ordering, you should fucking honor those benefits and not make them totally worthless!

So then I say, let me just order the damn thing for you through Amazon, I’ve already got my own key-code so I know this will work. So then I go into Amazon with MY account that has already worked at least once and order and pay for another copy of Warhammer.  Slick as shit.  Then I go to look-up my new game codes in the media-library/download section where I found them before and – BAM!  NO CODES, not even the ones I had ORIGINALLY found there!  OFMG what a total FIASCO.  At this point I’m ready to shit-can the whole affair, cancel my pre-orders and just go back to EVE or something until Mythic, Wal-Tard, and Amazon can get their collective crap together. 

Can ya’ feel the frustration?!  I knew you could :[