The biggest event in August for me was the Preview Weekend for Warhammer. However in the blog, the biggest change was the unseating of my Hellgate post from its #1 position, which it has held since it’s initial publishing last November.  Without further ado, my top five were:

  1. EVE – How To (with 127 hits)
  2. Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies (with only 50 hits!?)
  3. EVE Mission Running (with 30 hits)
  4. Making Movies (with 20 hits)
  5. Hellgate London vs. Guild Wars (with 13 hits)

In Search Engine terms, nothing terribly funny nor odd, the top five are somewhat different than my top 5 posts though:

  1. Lemegeton (with 33 views)
  2. Hellgate Minigame (with 32 views)
  3. Tribute to Dad (with 9 views)
  4. Eve Mission Running (with 5 views)
  5. Tileproxy (with 4 views)

I’ve been up in Utah visiting family for the Labor Day holiday.  So that’s been fun.  I get to play “the computer guy” and help family and friends with all of their various computer, iMac, PC, Vista, you name it problems, LOL!

I’m looking forward to September and it’s shaping up to be a very eventful month:

  1. Warhammer will be released (WooHoo!)
  2. Lemegeton will turn ONE Year Old! (WOOT!)
  3. I’m going to win the PowerBall (well, maybe not…)

Anyways – I hope y’all had a great holiday and have a great Fall!  Enjoy!