Just wanted to take a quick poll on what folks thought was the ONE best thing and the ONE worst thing they encountered in WAR? 

For myself, I think the Best thing was finding the game in a very nearly “ready to release” state.  I never thought to myself – “They’re thinking of releasing this in few weeks?!?!”  Instead I kept thinking, “I can’t wait for open beta so I can play some more!”

The Worst thing – which I really think was a fluke since this problem was introduced in a patch and hasn’t been happening in closed beta – was the mob/pet pathing problems.  Beside this one, which I’m not sure if it really counts since it was just a botched patch, were the male-elf character models. They sorta looked like really pretty drag queens 😀  So I usually just ended up playing a female elf with the thought that if you’re gonna look like a woman anyways, you may as well be one, LOL!

What was your experience?