Ok, so I didn’t find any “deal-breakers” during the Warhammer: Age of Reckoning Preview Weekend, and therefore I’ll definitely be subscribing to the game for awhile.  There were a few annoying things – but I’m reserving full judgement on that to see if they get fixed by the time of Official Release.  Pretty minor bugs, but bugs still the same:

  • Bolting from max range often let you continue to bolt the mob to death since it doesn’t know where you are – it just stands there taking it.
  • I got “shoved” below the landscape during one encounter where “bubbled” mages appear, I happened to have been standing where a mage w/ bubble popped.  During the encounter the bubbles eventually drop, and poof, I was back on the surface.  It was interesting that I could still target and cast spells on stuff – if it was in range, but I couldn’t move around, just hovered there with my head seemingly attached to the “bottom” of the ground, LOL.  And actually was kind of a cool bug, as I could see trees and an ocean down below me, anyways – still a bug.
  • PQ reward bags sometimes broken. This one was probably the most annoying one as in one of the quests instead of getting the cool “green” piece of armor listed in the bag, I ended up getting dirt.  Yup, “white” dirt for the cultivation profession – ARGHH!  What happened was, the “accept” button got shoved behind the rewards list, and after random clicking, it “activated” and took my current selection of “dirt”  – You shouldn’t have to “Accept” on a bag reward – you should be able to just left-click, or click and drag it to your inventory – GRRR. [Edit: OMFG! I just did it again, got dirt from a PQ chest…. and this time I knew about the error – I was just trying to get the accept button to show up and BONK! You get dirt! woohoo! – enough to ruin your day, I’ll tell ya, at least this time it was just “junk” armor I lost out on]
  • After playing both realms, definitely needs a third realm to “wild-card” screw things up so one side isn’t continually dominating.
  • Order Fire Mage (or whatever they are) and Dark Elf Sorc, seem OP’d, esp. the Order wiz – those guys’ could consistently 2-shot me with their bolt and DoT.

Other Thoughts – Ok, the “disc/pillow” thing grew on me after I found that you could get different looking ones besides the initial “harem pillow” looking one.  I -LOVED- my sorceress, and the Chaos Mage wasn’t too bad.  I also liked the Order wizard guy.  I didn’ like ANY of the male elf models, all of them were “sissy” to the extreme – so they’re elves, at least Elrond and Legolas actually looked kinda cool in the LOTR movies, in fact most of the elves in the movie looked decent.  Tried the game on my laptop (a so-called “gaming laptop” that handles LoTRO, EVE, and DAoC just fine), and it was do-able, but the graphics were kinda wonky sometimes (the mobile version of nVidia 7600).  

I’ll probably update this later tonight – I’ll try to get some screenies too!