I’ll tell ya, working at a library can be pretty cool sometimes.  Esp. one that’s pretty “modern” like the one we have here in Prescott, AZ.  Where we have nearly 40 public use/internet PC’s, an awesome coffee-shop, and a really cool used-books-for-sale area. Today I was perusing the new arrivals to our book-sale area and found some great buys!

  1. Trivial Pursuit (game with all of its parts): $1  (how can I pass that up, for a buck! Esp. when Amazon lists it at $129?!?!)
  2. Joseph Campbell’s “The Way of the Animal Powers” (2-vol set) for $14 (these are nice, over-size, heavily illustrated – almost coffee-table “art-book” style books)
  3. A “real” coffee-table “art-book” on French Impressionism for $12 (I’m going to be using this heavily in an upcoming “How To” article I’ve been working on concerning how to make your own Tarot Deck)
  4. A much smaller “art-book” on American Watercolors for $4 (for above mentioned “How To” article)
  5. Another “art-book” covering Georgia O’Keefe for $2.50 (I like her stuff, and again I might be able to incorporate some of the pics into my “How To” article, we’ll see…)

Anyways, I think I’ll be pretty busy this weekend – I’ve got a lot of projects that I’d like to work on, so hopefully I’ll actually have some time to do them.  Enjoy!

ARGH!  – I found two more out there at lunch time! LOL! 

  • A Da Vinci “art book” for $8
  • and a Dali “art book” for $7