Woot!  Over the weekend both my Ranger and my ‘bot Warden dinged 50 in Hibernia.  To go from 48-50 really didn’t take all that long – but still was a little longer than I was hoping it would be.  Isn’t that how it always goes anyway?  I started off getting myself down to the Catacombs; Underground Forest map and doing all of the quests I could do around there.  Once that was exhausted, my ranger was well into 49, and the warden was almost 49.  We then moved on to Shrouded Isles and started hunting Death Shrouds for their “turn-in” item of Death Silk.  You can collect up to 20 of these for turn-in, but they’re a semi-rare drop.  I think I got about 10 of them over the course of a couple hours.  By that time the Ranger dinged 50 (WOOT), and the Warden was well into 49 (at least 4 bubs).  So we moved on out to the Vale of Balor with another 49 Ranger bud of mine to hunt the red/purple mobs that hang out near the outskirts of Tur Suil.  After about an hour of that, both my Warden and my friend’s Ranger also dinged 50!

So all in all, it was a pretty fun weekend.  Now we have to go do our champion quests to get our level 50 set of armor, then out to the frontiers for some “big-boy” RvR!  Hope y’all had a great weekend as well!  Until next time, Enjoy!