I forgot to do my monthly round up of stats and quips, so I guess I’ll do it now – it’s only skewed by a week or so, so I guess that’s not too terrible…

My top-5 posts were:

  1. Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies  (as always – with 79 hits)
  2. EVE Mission Running with 22
  3. Making Movies with 20
  4. Hellgate London vs. Guild Wars with 16
  5. and My EVE Ride with 8

Not too bad, all but one at least made it into the double-digits.  It ain’t no Washington Post, but oh well, I’m not looking for those kind of numbers anyway.  This site is pretty much casual blogging, like how I’m a casual gamer, so any hit is a good hit – <smirk>.

New games tried last month (or in the last 30-days at least) were: Conan (not my cup-o-tea), The Witcher (still deciding), and Sins of a Solar Empire (I just installed this, so haven’t formed an opinion on this one yet either).  Cancelled Games: Conan.  I cancelled EVE and LOTRO over a month ago, but since I sub’d to them 3-mos at a time I still had a bit of time to play both of them a little bit this month.  I think LOTRO is definitely a goner for now, but I might re-sub to EVE before I actually get fully cancelled in September… Dunno though, WAR is supposed to be out by then (officially announced release of Sept. 18th) so I’ll probably just try to get as many long training sessions in before it konks out on me and I get sucked into the WAR vortex.

Not a whole lot else going on, it’s been very busy at work and on the personal fron over the past month, so I’m just hoping that the rest of August and into September things will start to settle down a bit – I need a break!  Hope all is good in your neck of the woods!