Didn’t get a whole lot done this weekend, although I did spend some time in Camelot with one of my gaming buds.  We’ve both got Albion Scouts up in their 40’s on the “Classic” Server – Lamorak.  So we’re trying to get them through that final push to 50.  It seems that in DAoC lvl-40 is about the half-way point in levelling – as it slows down considerably once you reach that point and the game tends to get quite “grind-o-licious” after that.  Esp. since many of the “bounty” items can’t be turned in for XP until you’re 48 or even 49, even though you can easily take down the mobs that drop those items at around lvl-44, so that’s kind of frustrating.

We also started some new Mids just to try things out over there.  I think he picked a Thane, and I was running two acct’s with a Hunter and either a Runemaster or a Shaman – I can’t remember what my secondary was, LOL!  Over in Hib-land I goofed around with my Eldritch who’s in her 30’s and a Hunter/Warden combo that’s just entered their 40’s and are discovering “World’s End,” and finally got faction with the Krrzyk (Human sized praying mantis) town.

I also finally installed “The Witcher” and messed around in there for a couple hours or so.  Looks nice, but not a whole lot of different things to attack with, so I’ll probably shelve it for now.  I’ve yet to install “Sins of a Solar Empire,” so maybe I’ll do that later this week or next weekend.  We’ll see. 

Everything else is just hanging in there going through things day-to-day.  C’ya