Well I’ve been puttering around in Dark Age of Camelot for the past few days.  It’s been a lot of fun in the battlegrounds (PvP) but it’s also brought up a few annoyances that I guess you just have to live with for going back to a game that originally came out in 2001.  No mailboxes, no “quick selling” of inventory, a make-shift auction house (via the housing markets), etc. etc.

But there have been a lot of improvements – levelling up isn’t nearly as “grindey” as it was “back in the day.” And it’s graphics, while not up to the standards of say LoTRO or AoC, are still quite nice. Plus there is so much content to go explore – it’s almost daunting how big the DAoC universe is now. I’ve decided I’m going to level up a 50 in Hibernia and/or Midgard this time around.  I’ve never done that, and I’ve been playing (off and on) since Spring of 2002.  I think I’ve got about ten max-level Albion characters on various servers (mainly Percival and Lamorak). So I think it’s about time I get some exploring done in what has traditionally been “enemy territory” for me.

I’ve already got level 30-somethings in Hib; a Vampiir, a Ranger, and an Eldritch – personally I’m liking the Ranger and the Eldritch the most.  There’s just something very satisfying in watching those blue-black balls of death flying toward their target and obliterating it that I just don’t get tired of watching and smiling – with the occasional evil wizard laugh, for effect of course, LOL. And I’ve always like archers too, so the Ranger was a natural choice; plus that character also seems to hit VERY hard compared to other characters, with the side benefit of actually being able to engage in melee, unlike my Alb. Scout.

In Midgard, I’ve got a 30-something “Cave” spec’d Shaman, and maybe a Bone Dancer too, but I think I’d like to get a Thane paired up with my Shaman – I’ve always liked playing a Thane, even though they seem to get A LOT of bad press for some reason.  Oh, and I always “dual box” when PvE’ing in DAoC, but since I play on the “classic” servers there’s really no reason to “buff bot” in RvR since they made buffs range-limited (thank goodness). So I never dual-box when PvP’ing, it’s just too much of a pain keeping track of a ‘toon stuck to your butt.

So I’ll probably let the Vamp be my pharming, PvE toon, while using my Ranger and Eldritch for RvR engagements.  If I keep at it, I’m sure I’ll keep y’all up to date here.  For now I’ll let you know that my Ranger is pretty much a full sniper spec (Fully trained in Archery) and my Eldritch is full Void.  Pretty much standard fare there and both should be viable RvR ‘toons.  We’ll see.  I’m hoping to have them goofing around in Molvik by this weekend (the Lvl 35-39 BG). Have fun and, as always, Enjoy!