So I’ve been gaming with some new buds over in City of Heroes/Villains, but they prefer Skype as their Voice SW of choice…  So I dl’d the latest version and got it up and running… sort of…  They could hear me fine, but no sound was coming out of my side.  (Yes I set the in/out options correctly to be the headset – at least Skype saw that there was a headset, and had the correct ID).  This is a “Skype only” problem, since this same USB headset from Datel works beautifully for Ventrillo, Teamspeak, and even “in-game” voice apps (Like LOTRO). Eventually I got it to sort of work by setting the output to the external speakers while using my headset as a mic.  Meh. 

Plus Skype is like total “nag-ware” trying to get you to buy upgrades and all kind of other intrusive behaviours (like sending you to a whiney web site after you uninstall the crap) that are not evidenced with either Vent or TS. And it didn’t even look like it supported “push to talk” functionality, so we had to listen to one of the guys munching on his potato chips half the night – grrr.  So if you’re ever in the market for gaming voice-ware, DON’T use Skype! LOL – I think more of your buds will have better success with TS or Vent.  Just my .02