I did a little bit of shifting around in my gaming landscape last month, most notably discontinuing Lord of the Rings Online (for now) in order to pick up Age of Conan which was meh as far as I’m concerned – so I promptly dumped AoC in favor of a return to City of Villains.  EVE has been running in the background, mainly just keeping up my training there – haven’t run any missions or done any serious mining for awhile, but I can see a return to EVE in the not too distant future, probably once my CoV fix is worn out again…  I also did quite a bit of flying around in FSX and made my first gaming YouTube video using FSX, TileProxy, FRAPS, Nightwish, and Sony Vegas Platinum – with hopes to make some more, it was kinda fun!

As for the monthly stats, my top five were:

  1. Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies with 71 views
  2. EVE Mission Running with 29 views
  3. (A Tie) Hellgate London vs. Guild Wars and Enter the Maelstrom of Mining with 10 views
  4. An Oblivion Roller Coaster? with 4 views

So Helgate was far and away my number one hitter again.  Not really a surprise there.  

I did get a bit of reading done this month, and that was a nice diversion.  I read Eldest  (Inheritance, Book 2), and I’m just finishing up Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time, Book 11) – so I’m caught up on both of those series until their final books are released later this year.  I’ve got a couple more books queued up on the shelf, “The Last Templar” and “American Theocracy,” which should both be interesting reads.  

In Music about the only new thing I got was the latest Judas Priest album, Nostradamus, and some more Nightwish (Once, and End of an Era). I did a very little bit of work on a couple of my side web projects and learned how to do virtual hosting on my web-server – not too difficult at all.  So now I’m hosting two domains from one machine.  One of these days I really need to get my web-based jukebox beyond its current Proof of Concept phase…  Between Gaming and reading filling up my leisure time, however, I just haven’t allotted any time to that, or any of my many other projects that seem to be stuck in perpetual limbo.

July will bring about a few off-days that I’m clearly looking forward to.  No real plans over the 4th- just relaxing, reading and gaming.  Then later in  the month I’m planning a little jaunt up to see my folks in Utah, so that should be fun.  Sometime before that trip I need to update/consolidate my cell-phone plan. I was hoping that the Verizon-Alltel merger would happen quickly, but apparently that’s going to take awhile.  My old co. was Alltel, but the city whom I work for uses Verizon so I now have two cell phones and two cell phone companies to deal with, not fun!  I’ll probably just drop Alltel, even though I actually like their service better, but since I work for the city, I get a much better rate from Verizon.  Oh well…

Guess that about wraps it up for June, hopefully July will bring adventures fun and interesting to us all, Enjoy!