I spent the weekend mainly flying around in FSX or in CoV.  In FSX I’ve been flying over the San Rafael Reef/Swell and Waterpocket Fold to get the tileproxy scenery loaded in preparation for making another FSX Movie with some more canyonlands barnstorming – definitely my style of flight.  I would really like to download or learn how to re-skin some of those airplanes though.  Yet another project to look into…

In City of Villains, I got my MasterMind up to level 23 I believe, so I will get my second “protector bot” soon.  I’m hoping to get to level 26 and my Assault Bot by this weekend.  I was finally able to connect up with some buds in game, so that was fun – we’re all running robotics MM’s, so we had quite the robot army running around! 

I ordered a few things from Amazon as well to assist in my movie making.  I decided I liked Sony Vegas Movie Platinum well enough to order it (and it was significantly cheaper from Amazon than direct from Sony’s site) and I also picked up an analogue to USB A/V converter.  I already had one of these from Plextor, but it’s been on the blink, so I’m going to try one from Diamond and see if it works better.  I’d really like to get my VHS collection converted over to DVD before the summer is out.  And the project list just keeps getting bigger, LOL!

And of course I’m drooling all over myself since Blizzard’s announcement of Diablo III.  All I can say is I hope it’s at least as good as D2:LoD which was my “big intro” to PC Gaming.  I had pretty much been a PlayStation kind of guy up until then.  Hope y’all had a great weekend and it looks like I’ll be posting my “month in review” later today as well – Jeez who keeps setting the calendar ahead each month!