Well I didn’t get a whole lot done this weekend.  I did some running around in City of Villains and in Conan.  I’m enjoying CoV more though, so I spent more time there.  Probably the biggest turn off I had on Conan this weekend is that I’m supposedly on a “care-bear” PvE server, but as soon as I ventured forth from Tortage I was summarily ganked by a Necro 12+levels higher than myself for no apparent reason other than I was running the opposite direction as he was.  I think AoC is getting shelved for now – it’s not that fun and if you can’t even grind without getting ganked then it’s definitely not for me.

CoV, on the other hand, is shaping up to be at least sort of interesting.  I’ve got my MasterMind up to where he has his third “battle-bot” (level 18 ) so I might actually get him at least to 26 where he will finally get his Assault-Bot.  The highest CoH/V character I’ve ever made was a level25 something-or-other, and I’ve had the game since it released, LOL!  Oh well, Like I said it’s mainly a diversionary tactic for a few weeks, I’ll probably be heading back to EVE sometime next month.  We’ll see.

I also did some more flying around in FSX/TileProxy.  I really want to get a FRAPS video made.  I’ve been flying all over southern Utah to get the scenery loaded on my new 500G HD – so hopefully that will help the frame captures speed up a bit.  I think I’ll be doing a flight down the Green/Colorado rivers – from Mineral Canyon on the Green River to Hite Canyon at the Northern end of Lake Powell.  I’m going to fly it again this evening and see how it goes.  I’d also like to find some kind of video editing software where I could force the video to fit into a particular time-frame (like the length of a song, for example). I’ve done this before on “slide-shows” using Nero, but I dunno that it will work with a video source…  Sony Vegas would probably do it, but I don’t have access to that.  Oh well, hope y’all are having a good Summer! Enjoy!