Well I just re-subb’d to City of (Heroes/Villains)….again… The nice thing about CoX is that you can just login and start blasting.  That is once you get through the costume maker, which the first time you play will probably hypnotize you for hours upon hours while you customize your character.  I’ve never run into ANYONE who looks exactly like me in that game, which is a refreshing departure from most MMO’s – although they’re starting to get better at this nowadays.

So what made me re-up my subscription?  I think it must be the summer heat that’s just started kicking in! hehe.  But seriously, a co-worker just started playing again and invited me to go back in and take a look around.  Being a “pet-class” kind of guy I knew I’d be playing a Mastermind – I’ve already got several of them, I had to try out all the various henchmen, ya know. Anyways, I started up a robo/dark-MM and sort of started following this template.  I’ve got him up to level eight or so, I also goofed around with a couple of my other MM’s, a soldier MM, who is my highest CoX character ever at level 25, and a “goons” MM who’s in his late teens.

As another weekend activity, I also flew around a bit in FSX and got the latest TileProxy (which was actually released last March, I just haven’t been keeping up) – I also took some screenshots. I still need to pare them down a bit before posting them in my screenshot section.  I’ll try to get some of them posted later this week.  I found a new little dirt airstrip that I love taking off from – I think it’s called Mineral Canyon.  It’s right next to the Green River and makes very easy access to Utah’s canyon country – it’s a gorgeous place to fly! 

In EVE I did keep up my newbie’s training, but didn’t fly any missions or do any serious mining either.  I will probably run a few mining jobs this week just to replenish the coffers.   Not much else to report, Enjoy!