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Ok, I’m really a miner, but I was starting to get tired of doing the same old thing so I’ve been prep’ing to do missions for the past couple weeks.  I’ve have three accounts, one to mine, one to boost/protect, and one to haul. 

My booster is the oldest account and he was originally going to be either “Black Ops,” or a “Stealth Bomber,” so he’s got quite a bit of the military training already and is an experienced Maelstrom battleship pilot. My miner has been around for not quite a year, but since I already had him started down the caldari ship training path so he could mine with an Osprey, I just continued that training so he can now fly a Raven Battleship and at least competently wield missile launchers.  My hauler is the newbie of the group, barely a month old and can just fly frigates – besides his Mammoth hauler.  But he’s at least semi-competent at using his Rifter with guns and rockets (hmmmm isn’t that what you’d get if you crossed Guns-N-Roses with Love and Rockets?).

Anyways, I have no decent agents up in Amaar Space, so I have to start all over with level one missions – can’t fly my battleships in there – the acceleration gates won’t let ’em through, they’re too big. So I spent most of the weekend acquiring and fitting a mix of frigs, cruisers, and destroyers for each of my toons.  Markosias (the old timer soldier) is flying his “Ugly Stick” destroyer bristling with guns and a tractor/salvager for fun and prizes.  Orobas, my usual Hulk pilot is getting his hands dirty in his “Toten Engel” missile boat, he may get upgraded to a Caracal this evening, but I may  be forced to do some more mining for funding. And finally, Naberius is currently in a Rifter frigate, but by this evening he’ll probably be in a Bellicose EWAR cruiser – we’ll see. Hmm, I don’t have any screenshots of either the rifter or bellicose since Marko left them 26 Jumps back in Heimataar many, many months ago. So I’ll just have to take shots of the newly acquired ones during tonight’s engagements.

The plan is that Marko and Oro will be long range plinkers (Arties and Missiles) with drones for short-range support, while Nab jams, paints, and otherwise hampers the enemy’s attacks.  It’s been pretty interesting trying to manipulate three characters at the same time in battle.  It’s easy-peasy while mining, but missions have been interesting – no losses yet though and I’ve done some pretty hairy missions already, with wave after wave of frigs and the occasional cruiser .  I think once I get everyone upgraded to cruisers this evening, things will mellow out a bit.  And getting an EWAR platform up and running should also help to keep things under control. 

When setting up my ships I always cruise this forum to see how others have configured their ships for various missions/uses (PvE vs. PvP vs. WtvR etc).  It’s been very helpful in the past and gives som interesting ideas for various set-ups.

I’ll keep y’all posted on how it turns out.  Enjoy!