Ok, so usually I’m mining and there really aren’t many personal meetings of folks out in the roid belts, but once in awhile there are and this weekend two folks really pissed in my oatmeal. Nothing really bad happened – I didn’t lose any ore or ships, or anything like that, but I had hoped folks that had worked their way up into Hulks had some idea of what is in good taste and what is not acceptable behaviour when entering a belt under active prospecting.  What gets my panties all in a bunch is when someone just waltzes into the belt with their hulk and starts mining the same rocks you’re mining – without so much as a “Hi” or “May I join you?” or anything.  This happened to me twice this weekend – ARGH!  To be honest I don’t remember stuff like this ever happening in the past because I think most experienced miners would never be so rude!

So, future miners of EVE, here are some pointers about what to do and what not do when you enter a belt under active excavation.


  1. If you’re a solo style player, just leave and find an inactive belt.
  2. If you’re social, say “Hi” and ask whether the other person(s) would mind you mining in their proximity
  3. OR If the belt is being fleet mined, ask if you might join their fleet and share in the bonuses. Be sure to offer something on the table – they’re doing you favor by letting you hang out with them – either in fleet bonuses or protection or a percentage of ore/ISK when all is done.


  1. DO NOT just start mining rocks like no one else is around – it’s incredibly rude and may get you blown up. Even if the rocks you’re mining aren’t currently being mined – if the existing ship(s) include a Hulk, or any kind of mining barge, you can bet your bottom ISKie that the active excavators are planning to clear the belt. And will consider you just one peg above an Ore Thief. 
  2. Read point 1

I can’t even believe I have to stoop to writing something this “elementary,” but it seems now-a-days nobody has any common manners! Oh well, time to go to Hek in a hand-basket.  Hope y’all are havin fun!


 OH, and I did go get a decent chair the other day and I’m now gaming in padded office chair bliss! 😀