Ok after Mucho requests (well, none really), here’s my mining duo’s set-up (might be kinda lame, but it earns me 10Mil ISK/Hr easily):

Markosias – Mining Foreman Skillz:

  • Leadership 5
  • Mining Director 5
  • Mining Foreman 5
  • Warfare Link Specialist (currently in training to rank 5)
  • Cybernetics 4 (next in line for rank 5 to use appropriate mind-link implants)

Currently piloting Hurricane – Emancipator

(command ship to use foreman link) Rigged as follows for protection/salvage/and mining foreman link:

Highs: Tractor, Salvager, Mining Foreman Link, 2 Heavy Missile Launchers, 3 720MM Gallium Cannons

Meds: Cap Recharger, Large Shield Extender, 10MN Afterburner II, Target Painter

Lows: Cap Pwr Relay, Type-D Power Core Mod Diag Sys, Adaptive Nano Plate, Basic Cap Flux Coil, GyroStab, Med Armor Repper II

Drones: 3 Hammerheads

Basically untouchable to any rats in secure space as far as I’ve seen – usually all dead before they even get in range to shoot at me.

Orobas – Mining Biatch:

  • Industry 5
  • Kernite Proc 5
  • Mining 5
  • Refining 5
  • Veld Proc 4
  • Mining Barge 5
  • Exhumers 4
  • Mining Upgrades 4
  • Astrogeology 5
  • Engineering 4 (will be 5 tomorrow – woohoo!)
  • Next training will be in Metalurgy and Refining Efficiency (both currently only at 1)

Pilots a Hulk – Kennecot

Highs: 3 Modulated Strip Miner II’s (duh), w/ Type II Mining Crystals (Kern or Veld)

Meds: Cap Recharger II, Cap Battery (who needs hardeners/shields etc. when running with an invulnerable gangsta like Marko???) I may throw an AB and/or shield extender in the free slots for the helluvit, but not sure, depends on how well I can balance my power grid…

Lows: 2 RCU’s  (My engineering training is lack luster, working on that as well to lower my pwr grid reqs so I can fit 2 aoede’s or MLU II’s or some other mining enhancement)

Drones: 5 Valkyrie’s – just in case Marko’s asleep on the job, or taking a piss, or drinking a beer or whatever he does to keep himself busy while Oro is snorting – I mean Mining ore… ya, that’s it…

 Anyways, that’s how I ride the belts – I can strip a belt in an hour and make 10 Mil/ISK just mining Kernite, almost double that if I go for the Veld rocks too.  Although I’m starting to get “cabin fever” mining the belts, both Marko and Oro can fly battleships, so I may dust those off (a Maelstrom and a Raven, respectively) and start running missions for a change of pace – only time will tell.  Enjoy!

 In totally unrelated news, the house sale *finally* closed today and the money was wired into my account, so  that is finally over and done with – one less “big worry” to contend with, yay! hehe.  Maybe now I can actually afford to get me a new office chair instead of having to sit on this hard, wooden dining room chair! I think it’s time for a trip to Staples or Office Depot…