I *finally* got my Hulk the other night in EVE Online.  I’ve had the skills to fly one of these guys for a couple months now, but my lack of gaming time hadn’t really allowed me to afford one of these bad boys of mining.  And what a huge difference it has made.  Of course Marko has got all his goodies up as well, so that helps (Leadership5, Foreman5, Mining Link, etc.).  Rigging the Hulk w/ type2 strip miners and crystals, along with having Exhumers5 I was able to clear 20mil ISK in just a couple hours – I’ve never made that kind of ISK before, so that was quite exciting.  I might be in a Raven by the end of the weekend if I’m persistent – which I won’t be ‘cuz I’ve just got too many other things to get done this weekend…

On the LotRO front, not much going on there, just did a few quests with my 30ish hunter and sent items to/from all of my alts – mainly crafting recipe exchange to get stuff to alts that can actually use them.

As for the new job, it’s awesome!  I’m really enjoying it and I can see areas now where I hope I can really make a difference and help out the place.  The possibilities are great!  So I’m pretty excited about that. And the people there are just really cool to work with as well – in fact the whole move to Prescott has just been an over the top positive experience.  Far exceeding my wildest fancies so far! 

The only bad thing this week was that the closing on the house got delayed by at least a week due to an error the mortgage holder made when sending their paperwork to the title company, so it all had to be sent back, re-viewed by their staff, and then returned again to the title company – who still hasn’t got it back yet, but the mortgage co. has said they’ve got everything ready to send back, they just haven’t done it yet – SO FRUSTRATING! 

God I hate buying/selling real estate, it always seems to turn into some kind of nightmare for me.  When I bought that house back around 1999/2000 it was the same thing.  We got all the paperwork done on my side of the deal, and then the spouse of the seller got committed to a mental institution for a week or so due to depression or something and she couldn’t legally sign any paperwork, so we had to wait until she was of sound mind before the closing  could proceed – GRRR!  Maybe that house was just cursed or something and when I decide to get something here it will all go smooth as silk – FAT CHANCE! LOL.  

Anyways, hope all is going awesome in your world! Enjoy!