So it was Saturday evening and I was walking around town looking for a place to hang my hat and I found this fun little bar with an awesome patio (fire pits and all) and live music.  It was called “Coyote Joe’s,” and the band was great!  I think their name was “The Cheap Tones,” or something like that.  After them another band played the interior of the bar called “Xtra Ticket,” but by that time I’d had plenty to drink and walked on home.  Anyways it was an unexpected pleasure for the evening.

Earlier in the week I’d gone to “Matt’s” and they were playing some decent rock music, but that wasn’t the case last night, so that’s why I moved on down the road to Joe’s.  I think if Matt’s had rock all the time, it’d become my “regular” hang out – maybe I just gotta figure out who DJ’s when or something… 

The unpacking is still going slowly, but surely. I think I’m on track for getting it all done within two weeks, but we’ll see. The new job starts tomorrow, so that should be exciting – I’m definitely not used to getting up so early in the morning though, so that won’t be so great – I’m supposed to be there at 7AM, oy!  When I was doing the whole “work-at-home” gig, I was lucky to be up and at the computer by 9AM, and I didn’t have to “get ready” (showered, shaved, etc) for that, LOL!  Just gonna try and get some more unpacking done today and try to relax a bit before my new life really slams me in the morning – hehe.