I -finally- found my good PC Speakers and got those hooked up last night, ah blissful death metal trance never sounded so good, LOL.  Just discovered a couple of interesting artists through Amazon’s MP3 downloading service.  I’d almost call them retro-rave but the current label is EBM (Electric Body Music). A couple weeks ago I bought three albums by Heimataerde, and then last night I got one from Grendel, and another from Dawn of Ashes.  The lyrics are rather disturbing/bleak, but I love the dance-electronica music, very ironic placement of such energetic music to such downer lyric, oh well.

I also made my way to the little coffee house down the street, “Cuppers.” The coffee was great as was the breakfast sandwich.  Very close to the coffee house is one of the more “upscale” restaurants in town called “The Rose.”  If my house sells soon, I may dine there to celebrate 😛   I also dropped by my new employer to get the details of reporting to work on Monday for my first day, so that was fun.

I’m still wading through boxes in every room, dunno when I’m going to get all this unpacking done.  It’ll probably take the full six months of my lease before I’m done! hehe.  It’s definitely a challenge trying to fit a 3-bedroom/2-bath, 2-car garage home into a 2-bedroom/1-bath apt.  Currently I’m just trying to get everything out of the boxes and I’ll worry about organizing/arranging stuff later. Just doing that is going to take another couple weeks at the rate I’m progressing/regressing?  

I still haven’t got my second “gaming companion” PC set up.  I usually “dual box” with EVE Online, and that’s kind of what I’m in the mood to play, and now I’ve gotten to the point that I *only* like to dual-box when playing EVE.  I guess I could login to LoTRO or something. But too much other stuff to get done before I’ll be comfortable gaming…  Guess I’d better get to work unpacking some more, hope y’all are having a great weekend!  Enjoy!