The pizza place, “Tastebuds,” was a success.  Also nice that it’s within walking distance, but not so convenient that I’d be going there every day.  They’re far better than the chain-style pizzas, but I saw another pizza place down by the town square which I may check out too.  I went to the local micro-brew as well, and their beer was super, food was good, if a little pricey for what you get – at least for lunch, maybe dinner time would be a better time to check that place out.  I still haven’t made it to the local coffee-cafe down the street, hopefully I’ll get around to it some time this weekend.

I still haven’t found my “good” computer speakers (Bose). So I’m stuck using some el-cheapo speakers for now, blech.  Today I’m going to make that my mission if I have to open every damn box to find those buggers.  I hate not having good sound!  The front room is finally getting low on box-count, I think less than 10 are in there now.  The computer room and the kitchen are still stacked pretty deep, though.  The rest of the weekend is shaping up as a mad unpacking dash before I start work on Monday.  OY!

I’ve done quite a bit of walking around town, I’m really liking where my apt. is located, I can walk to almost anything I need – work, restaurants, bars, “the square,” etc. I have to drive to grocery store, but that’s no biggie ‘cuz I’d hate to walk home toting groceries 😛  Best Buy and Staples are also out of walking distance, so that should help keep my pocket-book under control.  I guess that’s enough rambling for now, maybe I’ll actually have some gaming news by next week, until then – Enjoy!