Well, I made it to Prescott, AZ in one piece, and so did most of everything else.  I’ll know better on that as the week progresses as I’m only about 10% unpacked so far and navigating many stacks of boxes throughout the apt.   I just got my cable internet connection up and running today, although I still only have access through one ethernet cable as I haven’t found my routers/switches yet.  I’ve found lots of CAT-5 cable, but no routers 😦  Once I find at least one of my 6-7 routers I’ll be a little more inclined to start unpacking the computer room.

I’ve also just started looking around for new audio-video equipment and I suddenly noticed how very BIG everything is.  Why can’t they make these things like the size of car stereos so folks can just put this crap on their bookshelf?! The new flat screen TV’s fit very nicely on top of a medium or small bookshelf and it’d be nice to just tear the back off and use the existing shelving for the sound system components.  AND it wouldn’t poke out into the room any more than any other bookshelves sharing the same wall space – I guess it just makes too much sense.  I may end up grabbing stuff meant for Autos/Motorhomes and re-wiring it for household electric service.

I haven’t been gaming, obviously, but hopefully within a couple days I’ll find all the goodies I need to get my home network up and running again and I’ll at least be able to drop in for a few on my current game list, which now consists of: LotRO, EVE, and very occasionally Hellgate.  Welp I’d better get back to my router search, I really want my network back up and running!